Enso Homes, an established builder with over 15 years of experience in residential construction, relies on MultiPanel for their waterproofing requirements.

The problem

Delivering new homes throughout Geelong, Torquay and Bellarine, Enso Homes sought to address specific waterproofing challenges at their Point Lonsdale project. The builder needed a waterproofing solution for the balcony over a habitable room – something lightweight to help with transport and manoeuvrability to the second storey of the building. The product also would need to accept high quality finishes in keeping with modern design goals.

Joists for MultiPanel panels

Joists at 300mm centres ready for the 30mm MultiPanel 100% waterproof panels to be laid – With a view through to the habitable room beneath

The solution

MultiPanel’s 30mm 100% waterproof building panels were specified for the balcony substrate. With MultiPanel being 100% waterproof and no liquid membrane required, Enso Homes was able to significantly reduce the time spent on the balcony build, allowing them to achieve a watertight home sooner within the building process.

By selecting MultiPanel for the project instead of conventional solutions that ran the risk of failure, the builder was able to achieve significant time- and cost-savings in the build.

Key benefits of MultiPanel waterproof panels:

Simple installation: MultiPanel panels can be installed using standard woodworking tools. The 100% waterproof panels ultimately saved the builder time and money on trades and equipment.

100% waterproof: Being 100% waterproof gives Enso Homes and their clients peace of mind that the balcony will remain waterproof indefinitely without affecting the internal living space below.

Lightweight panels: MultiPanel is lightweight with each 2400 x 1200 mm panel weighing only 18kg – this delivered significant OH&S advantages, which made it much easier to use for the builder onsite, enabling simple manoeuvrability and transportation.

Durability: The 30mm MultiPanel 100% waterproof panels can be used as a solid substrate – the builders were thrilled with the durability of the installed product with trades working on it.

Quick installation: The MultiPanel system can be installed incredibly quickly compared to traditional methods.

“Building high quality new homes is all we do. Our clients trust us to use the highest of quality products to build their dream homes and that is why we trust in MultiPanel for our waterproofing needs. We spend more time and attention on the things that matter most to our clients and ensure that the homes we build are of the highest standard,” Enso Homes director Lee Selkrig observed.