Waterproof building panels from MultiPanel were employed by the Longbow Group, which was executing rectification works at an apartment building on the beach in Brighton.

The traditional construction methods implemented by the original builder had failed, requiring a new material to be sourced that wouldn’t face the same issues down the track. Being the only 100% waterproof building panel on the market, MultiPanel was found to be the most suitable product for the application. Additionally, its lightweight characteristics simplified handling and transportation with the product easily carried to the rooftop terraces – the 2400mm x 1200mm sheets weigh only 9.2kg.

MultiPanel waterproof building panels could also be installed speedily unlike traditional methods, which helped the builder meet the time expectations of the client.

The four apartments on the beach in Brighton had rooftop planter boxes that had failed and caused extensive damage to the liveable areas underneath. Rectification works to these planter boxes were undertaken by insurance builder Longbow Group where the initial liquid membrane had failed.

Longbow Group’s solution involved lining the inside of the planter boxes with 16mm T&G MultiPanel panels. Secondary panels were supplied similar to preformed shower bases with fall built-in for the floor of the planter boxes. The 100% waterproof product reduced costs for full waterproofing while the panel’s lightweight characteristics made it easy for the builders to carry them up to the terrace and install.

The builder was able to achieve significant time savings with MultiPanel.

Key benefits of MultiPanel waterproof building panels include strong 16mm panel providing robust waterproofing performance; ability to withstand stones and rocks without losing waterproof barrier quality; 100% assurance of zero rot, leak or deterioration over time in the harsh high moisture environment; lightweight panels weighing just 9.2kg for significant OH&S advantages; quick installation; and compatible finishes.