Emerald Building Services chose MultiPanel internal wet area waterproofing system during the renovation of the bathrooms at a home in Langwarrin, Victoria.

The project involved the complete renovation of both the existing ensuite and bathrooms in the home within a short timeframe.

MultiPanel’s internal wet area system consisting of custom made shower bases, 12mm wall panels, 8mm floor underlay and shower niches was the solution, with the system achieving significant time and cost savings over conventional methods. The pre-formed custom-made shower bases and niches are also easily installed.

MultiPanel benefits

MultiPanel’s internal wet area system featuring completely customisable shower bases and shower niches arrived on site ready to install along with the floor and wall panels, quickly transforming the ensuite and bathrooms into a 100% waterproof space, thereby, saving the builder time and money.

Homeowners also have the freedom to design their wet areas to suit their requirements using MultiPanel’s custom made shower base and niche series.

100% waterproof

The 100% waterproof system gave the builder and homeowner the assurance that the ensuite and bathrooms will remain waterproof indefinitely.


With each 2400 x 1200mm sheet of 12mm MultiPanel weighing 7.2kg and the 8mm sheet weighing just 5.2kg, builders get the benefit of significant OH&S advantages during installation, thanks to ease of handling and use on site.

Quick installation

The MultiPanel system installs incredibly quickly compared to traditional methods. The builder was able to fast-track the Langwarrin project by a whole two weeks.

“It was an easy choice based on the fact that MultiPanel is 100% waterproof, easy to install with no special tools required and the project was able to be fast-tracked by two weeks due to less tradesmen needed for installation, and no waterproofing/ screeding required,” said Tim Greenham, Emerald Building Services.