The Hiro 700 direct traction lift by Multilift Commercial is a pre assembled modular lift package that can be craned into position on site in one day, glazed lift shaft included.

The Hiro 700 lift is suitable for home lifts, residential lifts or commercial lifts. As can be seen from the recent installation of 10 Hiro 700 lifts including glass shafts for the John Paul Village Trust at John Paul Village at Heathcote the pre assembled, modular crane in installation method was suitable for the pre existing fully occupied Retirement village.

The choice by the John Paul Village Trust of the Hiro 700 lift by Multilift Commercial allowed for a safe and efficient lift installation that caused a minimum of disruption to the villages many tenants and staff.

The result is an ideal installation that incorporates beautifully with the 20 year old buildings and provides all the safety features and convenience required by today’s lift passengers. The lift and shaft are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.

Multilift Commercial has secured WorkCover NSW design registration for this equipment.