Multicolour Australia  supplies an extensive range of polished plaster finishes and paint coatings for the residential and commercial sectors. The Armourcoat polished plaster finish distributed by Multicolour Australia is available in multiple colours and textures.

The eco-friendly plaster finishes distributed by Multicolour Australia include the cloudy, travertine, dragged, pitted, smooth and spatulata stucco ranges. Pearlescant Colourwash, added to plaster finish, enhances the beauty of walls and floors. The Armourcoat surface finish distributed by Multicolour Australia is suitable for decorative floors and walls.

Some of the global projects that have applied the innovative Armourcoat polished plaster finishes and surface finishes include The Tait Gallery, Warner Bros, McDonalds, Mercedes Benz, British Petroleum, Sheraton Hotels and American Airlines.

Multicolour Australia also supplies three ranges of paint coatings under the brand names: Zalatone Interior Finishes, Zalatone Industrial and Marine Finishes, and Klaas Coatings Exterior Finishes. Zalatone Interior Finish is easy to maintain and is available in a range of colours.