Mulford Plastics worked with Mitsubishi to provide an efficient canopy solution for the BGC head offices in Perth, meeting both light entry and heat control objectives.

The existing canopy above the foyer of the BGC offices let through poor light while allowing a lot of heat to build up in the area.

Mulford Plastics supplied a canopy made from an infrared blocking tinted Shinkolite acrylic material to address both issues.

Shinkolite is a continuous cast acrylic material offering excellent weatherability, tight thickness tolerance, better impact strength than glass, crystal clear transparency, easy fabrication and thermoforming, and high chemical resistance.

The Perth-based BCJ Plastics blow-moulded the domes from specially ordered custom sized Shinkolite acrylic sheets for the canopy installation.

BGC was extremely happy with the finished canopy that not only delivered more light but also reduced thermal heat transfer.