The paint additive that MTEC Group uses for its roof restorations is manufactured by its own company; Rooftop Coatings using chemicals and raw materials supplied by Rohm and Haas, BASF, ICI, Thor Chemicals, Henkel, Bayer, and others accredited under the international standards of Quality Assurance ISO 9001 and 9002.

This paint addtitive conforms to Australian standards AS 3370.20 and AS 2311 for roof coatings. The additive creates long life Acrylic Membrane Roof Coating which is 100% Acrylic based on methyl methacrylate as its major component with good durability and long established resistance to weathering.

The coatings provide a gloss finish, one similar finish to new tiles while waterproofing the tile surface against rain and weather.

Weather Stop incorporates Rooftop Technology and Sunlight exposure develops intercoat bond strength and permanent flexibility for long life protection against the effects of weather. The paint additive is U.V. light resistant and has High resistance to the degrading effect of Ultra Violet Light and Solar radiation.

The coatings are Fungus and mould resistant. The methyl methacrylate acrylic polymer with additional specific fungicides and algaecides protect against growth of fungus, lichen, and mosses makes it difficult for these disfiguring organisms to get a foot hold - keeps roofs looking good longer.

While also resisting dirt collection the ROOFTOP Technology develops early water resistance in the coating and rain then preferentially wets dust particles helping to flush them away.

The coatings provide permanent colours. The coating is formulated using only long proven and established permanent colours including iron and other oxides and lightfast pigments. The coating finish substantially maintains its colour and is highly resistant to colour fade or colour change.