When used in together, StreetBond concrete and asphalt coatings can put the colour in StreetPrint installations. StreetBond is also suitable for creating coloured patterns on plain asphalt or concrete.

Available from MPS Paving Systems Australia , StreetBond concrete and asphalt coatings are based on polymer, cement and epoxy technologies that have been developed to endure a varied selection of traffic and weather conditions.

StreetBond produces a durable surface that retains its vibrant colour and can be used on all kinds of architectural hardscapes and traffic management applications. These coatings are also suitable for use on bike and bus lanes to create highly visible markings that define the separation of road users, therefore enhancing safety.

StreetBond coloured coatings are water-based and contain no harsh chemical solvents. Furthermore, asphalt coated with StreetBond is fully recyclable. StreetBond coatings contain cross linked epoxy modified acrylic polymers that ensure a precise balance of hardness and flexibility is achieved even in wet conditions.

StreetBond decorative concrete and asphalt coatings have exceptional adhesion properties and are resistant to peeling.