StoneCarpet from MPS Paving Systems Australia is a decorative interior floor covering that offers a stunning pure stone surface finish over concrete or timber floors.

Any interior space calling for 'design with a difference' will benefit from StoneCarpet decorative interior floor coverings. StoneCarpet is a beautiful, practical, and durable alternative to tiles, carpet, concrete, or timber flooring and is available in a fabulous range of natural pebble and marble.

Using MPS Paving Systems' unique Rockpave binder technology, StoneCarpet has optimal UV stability, flexibility, durability and strength.

Some key benefits of having StoneCarpet decorative floor coverings in the home include:

  • a smooth and comfortable surface to walk on
  • a long lasting, low cost and easy to maintain flooring that is easy to clean
  • an all natural surface that will add value to a property and remain striking for many years
  • no pooling from spills to maintain a slip resistant surface that is highly resistant to chemicals and stains
  • a cost effective solution as it can be laid over existing floor surfaces
  • a large variety of colours and aggregate textures to choose from
  • materials used come from environmentally friendly sources or recycled materials
  • surfaces are seamless, enhancing aesthetics and eradicating cracks where bacteria may thrive
  • aggregates are quiet underfoot and aid the sound insulating properties of the floor
  • surfaces are warmer than most traditional floor coverings and have a similar heat retention to timber floors
  • durable and stable enough not to be damaged by high heels and castors
  • extremely wheelchair friendly.