MPS Paving Systems Australia  have introduced the DuraTherm series of decorating paving. Vic Roads, as an introduction to DuraTherm, chose a heavy trafficked highway that incorporated both asphalt and concrete substrates.

The location required an aesthetically pleasing delineation of 65m2 of pedestrian walkway at the intersection of Sydney Road and Glenlyon Road.

Sydney Road is one of Melbourne’s heavily trafficked arterial roads in and out of the CBD. This road is not only subjected to light and heavy vehicles but also has two central tramlines.

Due to high traffic volumes and tram timetables all works were carried out at night. With the assistance of Sachs Traffic Management, DuraTherm decorating paving was applied to both crosswalks simultaneously using two application crews. The DuraTherm was applied using the heating and inlaying process on the outer asphalt lanes and surface applied on the inner concrete tram lanes. Application was conducted in near freezing conditions with an ambient of just 2 degree centigrade.

DuraTherm delivered a highly visible, durable inlaid decorative surface that is virtually maintenance free.