CrystalPave crushed glass decorative paving systems, available from MPS Paving Systems Australia , have been used to create a ‘dry water feature’. This ‘dry water feature’ known as the ‘Islands and Eddies’ feature forms the central focal point of the Central Linear Park in Gungahlin Town Centre.

According to the landscape architect, Paul Bombardier of dsb Landscape Architects, water restrictions had prevented them from designing and installing a water feature favoured by the local community. So the concept behind the feature was to provide an abstract expression of that desire.

Critical to the success of the project was the material used to represent the water. After researching various options, CrystalPave crushed glass decorative paving by MPS Paving Systems Australia was chosen as the aesthetic, sustainable and practical design solution.

CrystalPave is a unique combination of recycled, coloured glass and a UV stable resin binder. It is mixed and trowelled to form a durable pure glass surface.

This CrystalPave crushed glass decorative paving project was installed by RAM constructions in consultation with MPS Paving Systems Australia. CrystalPave is one of the decorative paving solutions available in the Rockpave family of products by MPS Paving Systems Australia.