The metal photo from Morris Graphics is specialized photographic anodized aluminium. The metal photo provides durability, photographic flexibility and excellent light fastness. The print accuracy makes metal photo an excellent process for barcodes and in terms of reproduction of photo images onto aluminium. Line or half tone images are also available in either gloss, silver, satin, gold background.

The chemical etching process offers an advantage of accuracy as well as flexibility in terms of design. Etch steadily erodes the surface metal that are not protected leaving a clean crisp matte area, resulting in a relieved or imprinted image where the detail can be filled with paint, or vice versa. Etching is suitable for all types of nameplates, signage and decorative panels and in addition offers durability even in case of extreme environments.

Chemical etching process encompasses features such as no pant fill, painted surface, photo chemically etched matte textured surface, filled with baked enamel paint and Photo chemical plain etched image, leaving an even matte surface. The digital printing process from Morris Graphics utilizes wide format printing equipment that enables to print signage and full colour images onto a wide variety of substrates. The versatility of the process is based on the outstanding outdoor weather ability.