Moodie Outdoor Products offers a range of green walls, including TerraScreen vertical garden with pots. These vertical green walls have been specifically designed for Architectural use in streetscapes or by designers for indoor applications to provide a living, breathing focal point.

TerraScreen vertical planters are Australian made and can be fully customised to suit customer requirements. The plants within the wall can be easily updated so that the entire wall is appropriate to the environment, season and style of the area it occupies.

All modules are manufactured from black powder coated galvanized steel wire, with brackets to fasten the unit to the wall. Larger coverage areas can be achieved by placing vertical planters side by side.

Before installation, users should consider that the total projection from the wall required is 560mm, 110mm for the panel system and 450mm for the plants. Catch basins at the bottom of the green wall should also be included.

The wall behind a TerraScreen should be waterproofed and painted black for best results.

TerraScreen vertical green walls can also be supplied with a pressurised tank-based irrigation system.