Moodie Outdoor Products  offers Roocycle bikeway fence, a range of cycle way fencing made from Australian recycled materials.  

The company can provide an efficient solution for bikeway handrails that satisfy the following requirements:

  • Handrail is both straight and curved in plan
  • Handrail site is sloping
  • Handrail must be shaped to overcome an equal access resting area
  • Handrail must have a high percentage of recycled materials
  • Handrail must be able to be recycled
  • Handrail must be Australian-made

Moodie was able to utilise components such as recycled plastic posts with 150mm projection, recycled plastic handrails, aluminium vertical railing systems made from recycled materials and 100% recyclable as well as strong steel support brackets.  

The Roocycle bikeway fence is strong and flexible enough to be able to absorb any impact that may occur.  

Other advantages of the bikeway fence include:

  • Low maintenance construction
  • Functional design
  • Can be site adjusted to slope and curving
  • Attractive appearance
  • Australian-made using Australian recycled materials