Moodie Outdoor Products  offered City of Casey its installation expert to help the local team to install the first CAB2 restroom in metropolitan Melbourne.

Moodie Outdoor Products’ expert flew to Melbourne from Brisbane and settled into a local motel.

The restroom arrived on truck as planned; the cranes were on stand by together with the construction team.

The precast concrete panels are lifted off in sequence, precast floor place on prepared compacted base, wall 1 lift, pin to slab, wall2 lift , pin to slab bolt to adjoining wall with star stainless feature bolts, repeat until completed all walls.

Then lift and bolt on preassemble roof and bolt to walls. Moodie Outdoor Products’ expert left with the project under control.

The site is a sewered and the trenches were pre-dug fitted and filled. Only the last metre is needed to connect to the underside of the slab, which is easily assessable. Plumber can then complete cisterns, etc using the precast cavities and or conduit.

A minor touch up of the external paint is needed and a final graffiti coating is applied. The building is designed for quick cleaning, with wash out cavities, and smooth high density concrete floors.

Internal walls a cast into the concrete stainless steel sheet, making the internal walls easy to keep clean. Moodie Outdoor Products has over 16 years of experience in restroom design, with clients such as RTAnsw, Mainroads, Epa, NP, StateForests and Dept S&D.