Now available from Moodie Outdoor Products , Evertuff THIN is a recycled plastic/wood material now available in a decking profile.
Cut from 200x20 Evertuff material, this decking is reworked to required sizes and dressed for external use.

Evertuff is an innovative recycled composite of co-mingled post consumer plastic with wood fibres, which is extruded into strong recycled plastic/wood decking.

Equal to other imported products from around the world, Evertuff is in harmony with the urban environment and is a 'green' decking solution.

Evertuff decking has sculptural forest shapes, with natural tones, textures and colour that resembles weathered timber, slat, or granite.

Moodie Outdoor Products specialises in the manufacture of micro-architectural recycled plastic/wood profiles products for the construction industry and and offer Evertuff from an established Adelaide manufacturer.

All general access Evertuff recycled plastic/wood profiles products are available for purchase by 1 tonne pallet lots, with custom profiles available in 10 tonne packages. This allows the purchaser access to a wide range of well designed products, which can be combined with custom profiles.

  • Evertuff decking is available in sizes: 190x18,90x18, 60x18
  • Evertuff post is available in sizes: 150x150
  • Evertuff joists are available in sizes: 200x100
  • Evertuff bearers are available in sizes: 200x50