The Vollay V7000 opening roof system 200mm ABS and SBS, available from Montage Group , were designed to provide an operable waterproof aluminium roofing system to turn outdoor spaces into entertaining areas all year round at the flick of a switch.

The Vollay ABS features a 200mm elliptical blade, while the Vollay SBS features a 200mm shingle blade. Both are waterproof and incorporate a patent pending tensioning system ensuring the optimum water resistant louvre system.

The dual surface design of the V7000 opening roof blades mean that the rain is deflected with little or no noise, making it pleasant to live under.

These 2 blade profiles between them cover most design requirements, from an ultra modern structure to a more traditional look and feel utilising the shingle blade.

As with all Vollay aluminium blades the V7000 opening roof blades are manufactured from extruded aluminium to Australian standard AS1866:1997 and the design allows for the system to span at least 3 metres unsupported; however, with the addition of the new channel provision the spans can be increased substantially.

The Vollay V7000 Suite is available in a range of powder coat and anodised surface finishes that stand the test of time and comply with Australian standards.

The V7000 opening roof system can operate autonomously or connect to a range of control systems for absolute remote control.

The Vollay V7000 opening roof system is supported by a full range of Vollay Automation and Sun Tracking Software to provide a reliable, technically advanced roofing/shading system and written specifications and technical drawings are available as PDF’s from Montage Group office.