the V1000 Mono-Skinned Louvre Systems were developed to provide a range of shading and screening solutions to suit a wide variety of individual building locations, their aspect and privacy requirements.

The 3 fixed systems, the CS, SS and TS were designed to complement one another and work within budget by utilising good design to ensure the efficient use of aluminium.

To incorporate a level of security often required in mid to high density developments, the Vollay V1000 Mono-Skinned Louvre Systems are ideal for this purpose and to provide shading or privacy to areas such as stairwells, skylights or large vertical glass areas which can be difficult to shade.

V1000 Mono-Skinned Louvre Systems is available in a wide range of blade widths in both splayed and flat including 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100mm and powder coat and anodised surface finishes that stand the test of time and comply with Australian Standards.

The blades for the V1000 Mono-Skinned Louvre Systems can be set to a wide range of angles and the blade spacings can be adjusted providing the ideal ventilation, shading and screen option for the window, fulfilling design needs. Further, V1000 Mono-Skinned Louvre Systems is supported by a range of Vollay brackets to allow installation in both a vertical and horizontal plane.

V1000 Mono-Skinned Louvre Systems is supported with a full range of both written specifications and technical drawings and are available as PDF’s upon request from the Montage Group office.