Building company Visual Diversity Homes installed Monier SOLARtiles on a new display home to showcase innovation in their design capabilities.

Constantly on the lookout for an edge, design element or innovation that will set them apart from their competition, Visual Diversity Homes specified the Monier SOLARtile for their new display home as it addressed their objective to showcase innovative products and features.

Monier SOLARtile was a perfect fit because it allowed the builder to implement a solar energy solution that worked aesthetically with a sleek, contemporary, flat profile roof tile. Visual Diversity Homes loved the streamlined look of Monier Horizon and the sleekness of tile and solar together.

Monier SOLARtile integrates seamlessly into a flat profiled roof, minimising the visual impact of the solar system. Unlike traditional bolt-on PV panels, Monier’s solar tiles offer the flexibility to be laid in any configuration to blend seamlessly into the home’s roofline and optimise energy production.

Key advantages also include minimal impact of natural wind flow around the roof, reducing wind pressure and debris build-up around the solar system; and simple installation with no need to cut, drill or grind through the existing roof.

Monier SOLARtiles come with a 25-year Output Performance Guarantee and a ‘Linear’ Power Performance Warranty that offers 7.5% more power support over the 25-year life of the module.

Image: Monier SOLARtile integrates seamlessly into a flat profiled Horizon roof