Monier Roofing presents a tile-based solar power system that eliminates all the aesthetic, efficiency, installation and maintenance issues associated with traditional bolt-on solar panel systems.

Australian homeowners are increasingly integrating solar energy solutions into their lifestyles with the continually rising electricity prices encouraging them to become as independent as possible and reduce their energy bills into the future. The large roof areas on Australian homes and the region’s perfect climate for solar power generation are also contributing factors to the solar trend.

However, traditional bolt-on solar panels do not score high on aesthetics with the panels unable to integrate into the design and look of the house. Being independently mounted on top of the roofing surface, solar panels will always look out of place, ruining the lines and aesthetics of the roof and the home.

The Monier SOLARtile is a tile-based modular solar power system designed to integrate seamlessly with the home’s roof and appear just like a roof tile, maintaining the roofline and aesthetics of the home. The first BIPV roofing product of their kind in Australia, Monier SOLARtiles have been designed specifically to maintain the look of the home while delivering high performance, clean, green energy.

Monier SOLARtiles deliver multiple benefits to the building when compared with traditional bolt-on solar systems including minimal impact on natural wind flow around the roof; reduced debris build-up; hassle-free installation with no need to cut, grind or drill through the existing roof; and modular system allowing simple installation in any configuration to fit particular roof and energy requirements.

Monier SOLARtiles enable homeowners to maintain the aesthetic of their homes while benefitting from the clean, green solar power without unsightly bolt-on solar panels ruining the overall appearance of the home.