Going back to the basics in raw materials is one of the biggest trends this coming spring, which will see the use of terracotta in a range of products from lifestyle accessories and small furniture to more permanent fixtures and structures of a house.

Leading Australian roofing company, Monier Roofing has brought terracotta into the modern day with the Nouveau and Nullarbor tiles. The Nouveau tile combines all the benefits of terracotta tiles with a modern profile in a sleek, satin finish. The Nullarbor creates streamlined and sophisticated rooflines and is the ultimate flat terracotta roof tile for modern architecture.

Terracotta is a natural clay-based ceramic that can be glazed or unglazed and is extremely hardwearing and versatile. Used throughout history as a roofing material, nothing is longer lasting than terracotta on performance and colour characteristics.

The premium choice for home owners and builders for roofing and reroofing, terracotta tiles can withstand Australia’s harsh elements and provide thermal insulation, keeping the heat out and the cool in during summer. Lionel Perry, a roof tiler for over 48 years says the quality of Monier Terracotta roof tiles is second-to-none and the obvious choice for any home.

Monier terracotta roof tiles offer several advantages including excellent depth and intensity of colour with no-fade properties as each tile is glazed and fired at a temperature of over 1,000°C that bakes the colour right into the tile, enabling it to withstand time and all weather conditions. Also ideal for coastal locations, Monier terracotta tiles are salt safe and can endure the wind, spray and salt of the ocean without corroding over time.

Made from naturally occurring clays with no added chemicals, Monier terracotta tiles are perfect for homes with water tanks, providing clean and safe run-off water. The terracotta roof tiles come with a 50-year performance and colour guarantee.

Available in various profiles, Monier terracotta roof tiles offer a choice of colours in each profile to allow diverse design solutions.