A new roofing solution from Monier Roofing is helping a classic inner-city Edwardian home in Dulwich Hill, New South Wales reduce their power bills by a significant 30 to 50 per cent. The Bisnette family has installed Monier SOLARtiles on their roof to deliver a seamless photovoltaic solution.

More than a million Australian homes have adopted solar technology to counter the continuously rising energy costs. With energy prices expected to increase in excess of 60 per cent over the next five years, these households are using solar power systems to effectively minimise the burden of ever-increasing power bills, while also helping the nation reduce its collective greenhouse gas emissions and achieve the 2020 renewable energy target.

The Bisnette family decided to invest in a solar energy system primarily to contribute to a cleaner, greener environment. Being relatively low users of electricity, the family wanted to further reduce their carbon footprint by investing in a renewable energy system.

Having considered all the environmental and economic benefits of installing a photovoltaic solar system, the next challenge was finding the right system that would work with the original Edwardian architecture of the house. They also needed to replace their existing slate roof, which was in need of major repairs; however, bolting on a series of less than attractive PV solar panels to a new expensive slate roof would undoubtedly compromise the home's architectural integrity.

Monier’s roofing systems provided the solution to their dilemma. The entire roof was first replaced with new Monier Cambridge roof tiles featuring a ‘hewn stone’ finish to replicate the look, colour and texture of slate. Monier terracotta saddles and gable finial scrolls were installed to accentuate the ridge line and provide an added visual link to the home's Edwardian façade. Stage two of this impressive roof restoration saw the installation of Monier’s unique modular SOLARtile, which was retrofitted seamlessly into the new Cambridge roof.

Monier SOLARtiles are designed specifically to integrate with the entire range of flat profiled Monier roof tiles. Being modular in design, these tiles can be installed in any configuration, including smaller roof sections to optimise energy production. Unlike conventional bolt-on solar panels, Monier was able to install a 2kW system entirely on one roof elevation, despite the shape and relatively small size of the hipped roof area. Conventional solar panels would have extended beyond the ridgeline, creating an unsightly appearance.

The Bisnette family is realising the financial benefits of generating their own solar energy from their new Monier SOLARtile system with their power bills having reduced by a significant 30-50 per cent.