Monier Roofing has introduced a new colour palette for its concrete tiles, giving homeowners greater flexibility in deciding the colour scheme of their home.

Monier’s new concrete tile colour palette is inspired by the latest trends and includes 12 new colours, each one filtered through colour forecasting groups and colour professionals in the building industry.

For its latest palette, Monier worked with colour and design expert, Kathy Demos from Supermaquette, who helped to identify colour trends and assisted with the selection of the final colours in the new palette. 

Kathy Demos describes the palette as more sophisticated, subtler and more complementary, something that embodies all the aspirations people have for their homes and buildings, while providing some of the assurance of yesterday. 

The palette starts at the lighter end of the spectrum with a range of lighter tones in response to a shift to lighter roofs and the desire to manage climate change. The colour palette then deepens into tawny colours that are almost leather-like and moves to the ever-popular classics of mid-greys and earth tones, right through to black (Sambuca). 

Monier has extended its palette into the blue-grey colours with Babylon, Camelot and Atlantis. Other greys also remain a popular aspect of the range with colours ranging from brown-greys to green-greys and pure greys. 

Monier’s contemporary new colour palette has been lightened with the introduction of Vodka, which is joined by other lighter tones of Huon (green), Atlantis (blue), Marlin (grey), Wild Rice (off white) and Chai (brown). 

Monier Marketing Manager Carlie Spiteri comments that the new palette not only offers an extensive selection of colours for their concrete tiles but also provides, where possible, a choice of light, medium and dark shades to make the task of coordinating all the exterior elements of a home just so much easier.

The combination of a variety of profiles from contemporary styles to the more traditional, and a selection of 18 colours means Monier concrete roof tiles will complement any home’s design theme.

The new concrete tile colours are: Vodka (white); Marlin (mid grey); Aniseed (mid brown-grey); Caraway (dark brown-grey); Atlantis (light blue-grey); Babylon (mid blue-grey); Camelot (dark blue-grey); Chai (light brown); Chilli (deep red); Huon (light green-grey); Bunya (mid green-grey); and Wollemi (dark green-grey). 

The palette also includes Silver Perch (light grey); Saffron (orange); Sambuca (black); Barramundi (brown-black); Wild Rice (off white); and Fig (purple-grey). 

The concrete colour palette is available on the following concrete roof tile profiles: Horizon, Elabana, Traditional, Tudor, and Homestead.