Monier Roofing has introduced a series of new product innovations to their roofing range to mark the launch of their revitalised brand. The new innovations include a revolutionary lightweight roofing material, a broader terracotta tile offering, and an advanced colour-lock coating technology.

Designed to provide architects, designers, builders and homeowners throughout Australia with a broader range of high performance roofing materials, the new product line-up comes with unique finishes, enhanced installation options and next generation technology.

Elemental Series

Drew Spiden, General Manager of CSR Monier describes the Elemental Series as the hero of Monier’s new line-up. Originally developed for the aerospace industry, this lightweight yet exceptionally strong roofing material is manufactured from an advanced fibre-reinforced engineered composite. Five times lighter than concrete tiles with the ability to withstand up to 300kg of weight, the Elemental Series offers a variety of performance features including rust resistance, a UV colour fast coating system and strong resilience against dent and impact damage.

Key features of Monier’s Elemental Series also include ability to withstand Australia’s climate extremes; choice of sizes and colours; customisation options to meet specific project requirements; large Ultra Panels and Square Panel options complementing modern Australian roofs, and achieving pitches as low as 10 degrees; and innovative click ‘n’ fit system allowing easy installation using existing tools and trades.

Terracotta range

Monier draws on over 100 years of experience producing terracotta roof tiles to introduce four new colours to their terracotta range. An extension of the beautiful styles already available in Monier’s terracotta collection, the new products have been added to meet the demand from customers for more colour and design options for their roof.

Monier partnered with colour and design expert, Kathy Demos to develop the new additions, which include a metallic finish on two of the new profiles, Mars and Comet. Monier has also introduced a ‘Look Book’ tool to enable customers to visualise their own design.

Monier’s terracotta roof tiles offer a host of performance features including rust and salt spray resistance; insulation properties; impressive colour performance with a 50-year colour guarantee; and ability to withstand Australia’s varied weather conditions. The terracotta tile is slow to heat up in hot conditions, allowing warm air to escape through the roof space, and is also impervious to the effects of frost and ice.


An advanced colour lock coating for concrete tiles, C-LOC is a second generation coating innovation that significantly outperforms metal roofing products and other concrete roof tile coatings in preserving colour for longer against sun exposure and damaging weather conditions. The coating technology has been independently tested to withstand the harsh Australian weather conditions.

C-LOC coating technology offers gloss retention, which is eight times more effective than COLORBOND steel and five times more effective than concrete tiles with a solvent based coating, helping preserve the colour of concrete tiles for longer.

Monier’s concrete tile range already includes performance features such as rust and corrosion resistance and C-LOC will further increase the tile’s lifecycle through enhanced colour performance, providing a durable product that delivers long term for the homeowner. The 100 per cent water based coating also makes it an environment-friendly choice.

Spiden explains that a typical roof can make up to 30 per cent of the visual impact of a home; a fading roof, therefore, impacts the overall appearance of the property. However, the C-LOC technology helps homeowners keep their homes looking better for longer.

The new product releases underline Monier’s commitment to raising the standards of roofing solutions in the Australian market.

Image: C-LOC is an advanced colour lock coating for concrete tiles