As a company, Monier is always listening to its customers and end consumers. Recent design trends in roofing have caused increased demand for low pitch roofing and slate-look tiles (at a more reasonable cost and without the need for the upkeep that slate requires).

This is why Monier has launched the innovative new Elemental range. The Monier Elemental™ Series is a contemporary, innovative and distinctive range of lightweight roofing products designed to withstand ALL the elements.

We’ve re-imagined roofing to inspire the creativity of Australia’s architects, designers, builders and families. Elemental™ celebrates Monier’s commitment to strength and beauty, combining modern materials and cutting-edge technology to achieve streamlined lightweight roofing.

It is made from reinforced fibre engineered from composite material, using technology from the aerospace industry.

Advanced composites are made from a process that sees high-strength resin reinforced with glass and subsequently compressed; this then cures and enables the material to harden permanently to form a strong, stable and very durable material.

This technology is typically used where high strength and lightweight is required in combination with heat resistant, structural integrity and impact performance, which means it’s perfect for our often harsh Australian weather conditions.

Advanced composites are commonly used within the aerospace industry where performance and durability is paramount. Monier has used this innovation to develop a modern, slim line roofing series which is exceptionally strong and ensures the best in protection against the elements.

Elemental™ is independently tested by the CSIRO to Australian Building Standards (AS4046)

and is backed by the Monier 30-year guarantee.

The tiles come in a range of four sizes – Elemental Slate (326mm x 300mm); Elemental Square (750mm x 750mm); Elemental Shingle (450mm x 350mm); and the new Ultra Panel (1500mm x 750mm) profile.

The innovative Ultra Panel is the largest tile that Monier has ever made, adding further depth to the company’s already extensive roofing offering.

But it’s not just pretty to look at. The Elemental series is tough. It has been created to withstand all elements, including hail, heat, salt and storms. It’s the perfect choice for high-stress locations such as coastal suburbs.

The composite material will not rust, is dent resistant, has built-in long-lasting UV colour coating to retain its integrity and durability and will not peel back in strong winds.

Five times lighter than tiles, it is structurally strong and has a better strength to weight ration than metal. It can reach 10° pitch, is streamlined with a 12mm leading edge and has a unique exfoliated stone finish.  

Strong and beautiful – just the way that Monier likes it.