Two products from Monier Roofing are contributing to the 8 star energy efficiency of the CSR House.

The CSR House initiative demonstrates how CSR products and systems can be used to provide high levels of affordable, cost-effective energy efficiency in home design. An 8 star rated house typically requires around 75% less heating and cooling energy than the average Australian home.

Monier Horizon roof tiles in Caper have been used on the roof of the CSR House. Horizon roof tiles are flat concrete roof tiles designed to deliver both aesthetic and functional benefits to the house.

Monier Horizon roof tiles help create a streamlined roof that integrates seamlessly with modern Australian architecture. These roof tiles are also available in a palette of 14 inspirational colours to enhance the look of any new home. By offering a thermal advantage over other higher conductive roofing materials, the Horizon concrete tile range reduces energy usage to benefit the home as well as the environment.

The CSR House also features the Monier SOLARtile, integrated seamlessly into Monier’s flat profiled roof tiles. Monier SOLARtile replaces unsightly bolt-on solar panels to deliver high performance, and clean, green energy to the home without disturbing the aesthetics. The 25-year performance guarantee of the solar tiles also ensures the supply of sustainable energy well into the future.