Leading roofing products manufacturer Monier Roofing is urging homeowners to complete their roof inspections before the cyclone season officially begins on 1st November.

Advising homeowners to prepare for the upcoming cyclone season, Monier says timely action will help minimise potential damage to their homes. Roof inspections are recommended for homes that are more than 15 years old so that any maintenance or repair work can be carried out before further damage occurs.

Monier Roofing Specialist Jeff Hilditch underlines the importance of checking the roof every couple of years and using the services of a qualified roofing specialist to carry out any repairs. He explained that older homes and unstable roofs were more likely to get damaged during cyclones and other extreme weather conditions. By ensuring all buildings are compliant with current codes and standards, one can save on costs and hassle.

Earlier this year, the Category 5 Cyclone Marcia caused extensive damage to homes in Rockhampton and the surrounding area. Local CJ Homes spokesperson, Steven O’ Hanlon has built a number of houses in the locality and witnessed first-hand some of the damage.

According to O’ Hanlon, a survey of the area within hours of the cyclone, revealed roof damage to 140 homes. Most of these homes were old with about 90 per cent of them featuring Colorbond. None of the CJ Homes houses, which mostly used Monier roof tiles, experienced any damage, withstanding winds of up to 240km.

O’ Hanlon expects to see even more damage during the next severe weather event and advises homeowners to limit potential damage by repairing roofs or even re-roofing. He adds that homes with roof tiles are cooler and quieter and larger homes can save about $300 a quarter on the power bill alone.

Roofing Specialist Jon Joyce from Rooftek also observed the destruction caused by Cyclone Marcia, noting that a lot of the roof damage was a result of debris hitting roofs on houses built in the 50s and 60s. Joyce added that there was little or no damage to any of the homes she had tiled using Monier and very little damage on tiled roofs in general.

Monier roof tiles are durable, provide excellent protection against Australia’s harsh elements, and are ideal in both warm and cool climates and near the sea. Monier offers a 50-year performance guarantee regardless of the location of the home.