Molectra Technologies  provides waste tyre recycling solutions that is used for converting rubber into floor and various other useful products. The waste tyre recycling solution from Molectra Technologies are efficient and profitable.

Molectra Technologies used three integrated processes combining microwave and mechanical treatments for developing this technology. The technology created by Molectra Technologies operates under four different functions including improved quality and purity of rubber feed stock, complete recovery of components of waste tyres, carbon and activated carbon production and oil and diesel extraction.

Crumb rubber from Molectra Technologies is made by grinding the waste tyres. Crumb rubber is available in various size and grades. The small and large applications carried out by crumb rubber include surfacing of playgrounds, construction of roads, for artificial turf support; can be placed on athletic fields and running tracks.

Crumb rubber is used in mine blasting industry, as soil aerator, for insulation of sound, in field of agriculture and can be sprayed on coatings and liners. Crumb rubber is also used as plastic additive.