The Lubra LDH735 dehumidifier, available from Moisture Cure , is among the few 35 litre domestic dehumidifiers on the market.

The Lubra LDH735 dehumidifier’s compactness, easy manoeuvrability and modern design will look equally at home in your living room or business premises.

Larger, heavier, slightly more expensive to run and a little noisier than Moisture Cure’s smaller domestic dehumidifiers, the Lubra LDH735 is an ideal one, when you have a need for powerful, economical extraction.

The Lubra LDH735 dehumidifier is also being used in the water damage restoration industry, operating non-stop for days on end using the continuous drain option.

The characteristic features of Moisture Cure are:

  • Model - Lubra LDH735
  • Suitable for - large 3-5 bedroom home or large office
  • Capacity - 35 litres/day (30°C at 80% RH)
  • Holding tank - 8 litres
  • Dimensions - H585mm x W380mm x D320mm
  • Weight - 24kg
  • Noise Level - 42dB
  • Mobility - Four sturdy castors, fold down handle
  • Input Power - AC 240V, output 550 watt