Sub-floor conditions can affect the health of an entire home. The condition of the air space beneath a home can impact on mould and fungi growth, termite action and even household allergies and respiratory problems. Frequently damp sub-floor areas with poor air circulation will increase the likelihood of structural timber damage. One ecofan is adequate for an average 20 square home.

The ecoFAN from Moisture Cure extracts 4,000 litres per minute of stale or damp, sub-floor air. This air is then replaced by clean, fresh, external air sucked through wall grilles. The ecoFAN is installed in the sub-floor by removal of adjacent bricks above and below.

The ecoFAN consists of a low voltage motor and a five blade aluminium fan within an aluminium powder-coat frame. A safety protection mesh over the outside opening prevents the intrusion of small fingers and hands. A 12V adaptor is provided for connection to a standard power point.


  • Heavy duty electronic D.C. powered brushless motor—long lasting
  • Rustproof aluminium frame
  • Low running cost of about $6 a year
  • Easy installation by a handyman
  • Australian made
  • Available as a stock item in powder coated brown and white


  • Size: 23cm diameter, five blade fan
  • Voltage: (50Hz) 240v
  • Input power: 6.5 watts

While the ecofan will keep your sub-floor area dry and free from termites, you may also need a dehumidifier to stop the mould and mildew inside your home.