ModWood Technologies have released high quality timber screening which can be used as a garden feature, to create a private courtyard, or a cosy outdoor living area. Miniboard is not only decorative, but provides privacy and protection from weather elements making it a versatile addition to any backyard.

Miniboard does not require initial preparation or ongoing maintenance like other timber screens due to natural weathering characteristics. Miniboard timber screening can be bent to a radius of five metres making it ideal for garden edging also.

Miniboard timber screening is available in 68 by 17 millimetre panels, has a standard length of 4.8 metres and a weight of 18.4 kilograms per square metre. A ground clearance of 150 millimetres is required and 1200 millimetre spacing between vertical upright continuous span.

While secret fixing is not possible with Miniboard, nails, screws and guns can be used in the fixing process. The screening is finished with a smooth embossed pattern and available in Sahara, Black Bean, Jarrah or Silver Gum.