ModWood Technologies have manufactured specialised decking which is ideal for outdoor applications including marinas, boardwalks, seating and garden edging. Marina Board heavy duty decking has excellent properties which make it long lasting, durable, versatile and a strong resistance to natural elements.

Marina Board is unaffected by salt air and will not rot. Considered ModWood Technologies toughest product, the board is formulated for superior moisture resistance and strength. It can even be used in low ventilation areas.

The heavy duty decking is available in 137 by 32 millimetre boards, and with a standard length of 4.2 metres. The joist centres are 600 millimetres and the recommended clearance over concrete is 50 millimetres, so long as the perimeter of the deck allows for good cross flow ventilation. The decking weighs 35.5 kilograms per square metre.

Marina Board heavy duty decking has a smooth brushed finish and is available in four colours from the Natural Grain collection including Sahara, Black Bean, Jarrah and Silver Gum. ModWood products are not manufactured for structural projects such as joists and bearers, however, Marina Board can be nailed and screwed, and secret fixing is possible.