ModWood Technologies  manufactures decking, screening and heavy duty metal boards that have high performance standards and quality.

Safe to use and easy to install products available from ModWood Technologies are used as alternatives for building and construction needs.

ModWood Technologies’ products have a natural look, style and finish along with high quality. These products also offer better resistance against weather conditions and termites.

Decking boards from ModWood Technologies come in diverse styles and patterns with standard sizes of 88 x 23mm width and 4.8m in length for hollow section decking boards and 88 x 23mm, 137 x 23mm width and 5.4m length for solid section decking boards. Redwood, tallow wood and grey are the three standard colours of decking boards from ModWood Technologies.

Solid section decking boards from ModWood Technologies are suitable for areas with high moisture conditions like pools, beach walk ways and residential areas with intense weather conditions.

The hollow section decking boards from ModWood Technologies are suitable for many residential decking applications with moderate climatic conditions.

Screening boards from ModWood Technologies comes in standard size of 68x 17mm in width and 4.8m in length. The mini boards from ModWood Technologies add to the beauty of outdoor areas of private oasis, private courtyards, outdoor living areas and garden regions. This gives style and look to the outdoor living space along with high quality and standard.

Heavy duty boards from ModWood Technologies come in standard size of 137 x 32mm in width and length of 4.2m.

ModWood Technologies marina boards are larger in length and are also stronger which makes it suitable for applications in marinas, boardwalks, seating, garden edging and heavy duty decking areas.

ModWood Technologies products are tested by independent organisations like CSIRO for quality and performance.