Moduplay Commercial Play Systems  recently installed a range of playground equipment at Stanwell Park Beach in NSW.

The playground equipment installed included:

  • Wildnet Zone (rope play structure)
  • Premium Quad Swing
  • Spinpoint Dish; and
  • Premium Play Unit
The local council selected a large Moduplay Wildzone rope play structure as there is currently a high level of interest in the community for these types of playgrounds. They also selected a separate Moduplay Premium play structure that is more suitable for the younger age groups. Due to the proximity to the corrosive atmosphere of the nearby beachfront, this features cypress pine posts as a way of ensuring longevity of the structure.

The fact that this is a coastal environment and also a destination park for large groups and families required special consideration. These factors put high demand on the equipment provided.

The playground also needed to cater for all age groups of children, as well as considerations for the parents which included equipment that could handle adults if they joined in.