Moduplay Commercial Play Systems  has recently installed Noah’s Ark themed play equipment for the Lismore Uniting Church. The play equipment includes a twister game and freestanding activity panels and a hip shade structure, fencing, and combo 3-in-1 tables were also installed.

Lismore Uniting Church selected Noah’s Ark Themed play equipment as it applied to the subject of the church building. As the church building is heritage site listed, the colours of the equipment and shade were selected to correspond with the surroundings without standing out too much. A hip roof structure was also selected as it is one of the least intrusive roof forms.

Special considerations were required as the church building is heritage listed and permission had to be obtained from the local council for the design and location of the play equipment before works could proceed. An appropriate style and layout for the location and colourings had to blend and complement the church building.

More information on the range of playground equipment on offer is available from Moduplay Commercial Play Systems.