Moduplay Commercial Play Systems  recently installed three Moduplay fitness stations with pre-colour UV stable wetpour rubber softfall at Port Kembla Public School.

The fitness station products used in this installation include: 

  • Zig Zag Walk 
  • Tendon Stretch 
  • 3 x Spin Bars 
  • Double Chin-up Bars 
  • Tarzan Trail 
  • Commando Crossing 
  • 2 x Balance Rails 
  • Sit-up Station – Triple 
  • 2 x Leg Lift 
  • Parallel Bars 
  • Push-up Stations – Triple
Port Kembla Public School chose the three Moduplay Fitness Stations to suit their fitness equipment requirements and is positioned around the school oval in three separate stations with a running track in-between them.

As Port Kembla Public School already had existing Moduplay play equipment, it wasn’t a hard decision for them to choose the fitness equipment to be installed at their school. The initial selection was made by one of Moduplay’s Playground Design Consultants and the Principal then fine tuned the design to suit their needs and wishes.

When planning design layouts, Moduplay took particular consideration of the school’s location. The school is positioned just off the beachfront and is prone to harsh coastal elements. To ensure protection from rust and corrosion, Moduplay made sure they used special Marine materials and coatings. They also undertook required excavations, cut and filled the site to maintain the correct height so that the installation of equipment was accurate and level.