The CAPITAL system provides stability and longevity and has a pleasing look with many different options to let you customise your own childrens playground equipment.

The activity range of Moduplay playground systems built for the CAPITAL system is available for any size playground. Unique features that toddlers will love include spring loaded buttons, rotating cogs and clicking gear levers that can help to develop motor skills.

  • Connections & Coatings
  • Direct bolting system
  • Easy maintenance
  • Strength and reliability
  • Easy on site assembly
  • Pre-drilled powder coated posts for corrosion protection.
CAPITAL decks by Moduplay have a vinyl coating that protects from corrosion for a long lasting look. They are also available in plain powder coating if required. The decks have been designed so they are not a solid surface so that give in the event a child were to fall. The posts are 65 mm are the right size for the children to grasp and are available in galvanise steel or aluminium and have no protruding flanges or clamps.