The VogueWall privacy wall from Modular Walls was selected by the owner of a corner block townhouse in Adelaide, SA to replace their damaged wall following a vehicle collision. The original two-metre fence had been unable to provide complete privacy to the residents of the property due to the elevated land.

Seeking a new wall that would combine security and serenity given the corner location of the property, the homeowners also wanted to avoid an imposing or ‘fortress-like’ structure.

Having researched various options in the market, the homeowner finalised VogueWall privacy wall for installation at his property. VogueWall’s flexibility for decorative features to be added was a major factor in the decision.

For the installation, wooden slats were added to the top of the VogueWall privacy wall, increasing the privacy factor by extending the wall’s height to 2.4 metres without creating an imposing effect. VogueWall’s noise reducing benefits were also an attractive feature, proving highly effective in reducing traffic noise within their corner block home.

The wall was rendered and painted by the installers, resulting in a far more superior aesthetic appearance, compared to the original fence. The rough, textured finish gave the wall that extra sense of solidity, while complementing the house’s finish.

Privacy fences and acoustic privacy walls from Modular Heights are available in heights up to 3m and deliver an average noise reduction of 25dB, resulting in a fourfold reduction in audible noise.