AcoustiSorb noise absorption panels from Modular Walls were specified for two iconic landmarks in Sydney to resolve noise issues. An important requirement when specifying for these structures is that the materials must meet the highest level of structural integrity, performance and quality.

Local Australian manufacturer, Modular Walls was selected to supply their revolutionary AcoustiSorb sound absorption panels for the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

Sydney Opera House

A massive refurbishment programme was carried out at the Sydney Opera House as part of its Decade of Renewal. Among the various upgrades executed at the Joan Sutherland Theatre was a custom-built acoustic ceiling installed to absorb noise from backstage hoists and equipment.

The modular AcoustiSorb sound absorption panels were easily customised on site to fit around new and existing steel work. With controlled access to the site, the work had to be performed in small, rapid phases around other work schedules. Modular Walls worked within an exceptionally tight turnaround period to measure, manufacture and install each component of the ceiling.

The lightweight AcoustiSorb panels enabled easy handling and were installed some 30 metres above the stage, under strict working-at-heights safety procedures. The modular design of the panels also ensured easy transportation of materials to the work area within the confined space.

With exceptional Sound Transmission Loss performance, a Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw) of 31dBA and a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of >0.9, AcoustiSorb will effectively absorb the noise of staging equipment and machinery, thus improving the acoustic qualities of the performance space.

Harbour Bridge

Structural night works being carried out on the Harbour Bridge drew objections from surrounding residents and hotel who complained about the noise. So that the work was not jeopardised, the Roads and Maritime Services turned to Modular Walls to supply a rapid, highly noise reductive solution to continue their project.

AcoustiSorb noise absorption panels were used to build a temporary acoustic enclosure for the Harbour Bridge repair. Modular Walls designed the enclosure so that it could be relocated easily along the bridge, with its modular nature ensuring rapid deconstruction and reconstruction.