The modular wall is a world-first Australian innovation that has dramatically expanded the aesthetic and functional possibilities of freestanding acoustic barriers since it was first invented over a decade ago by ModularWalls CEO Nick Holden.
The innovative system permits the creation of freestanding noise walls comprised of composite panels by means of a unique post design that securely retains the modular building components in place.

The modular wall possesses multiple advantages compared to traditional timber and masonry walls when it comes to the creation of effective, economical and aesthetically pleasing noise barriers.
Their lightweight modular design makes them far quicker and easier to install than conventional masonry walls, while the post system causes far less disruption to project sites than strip footings. This dramatically reduces the total project costs and overall environmental impact of acoustic barriers, as well as the carbon footprint associated with their delivery and installation.
In addition to their economic and environmental advantages, modular walls also provide an outstanding noise performance that ensures the effective attenuation of nearby acoustic pollution.
On an aesthetic point of view, the composite panels themselves possess a smooth, premium-quality appearance that can be customised to suit virtually any aesthetic requirement, improving the overall value of any project.

Finally, modular walls have ventured into retaining and sound absorption territories, proposing custom solutions superior to other traditional materials.
Modular walls have established themselves as a premium-quality building product within the construction industry for more than a decade, and have been used for the creation of thousands of noise barriers across Australasia and Europe by clients including AGL, BHP Billiton, Coles, Leighton Holdings, Lend Lease, Main Roads QLD, McDonalds Australia and Xstrata.
Discover how ModularWalls is taking the industry forward in fulfilling noise, retaining, engineering and aesthetics requirements in commercial projects with its range of modular walls.

For more information on the specification of Modulr Walls, download this free whitepaper Specifications for Modular Walls