SlimWall boundary fencing from Modular Walls was specified for a newly renovated home located in Orange, NSW. SlimWall’s high end aesthetic not only complemented the modern home but also offered a slim, premium solution to the tight-dimensional space.

The existing ColorBond fencing looked out of place against the premium look of the recently renovated home. A brick wall was not practical as the large footings would have encroached too much on the already small space. Since the renovation had extended the built-up space, the backyard had decreased in size.

SlimWall modular fencing was selected for the job as it did not require wide strip footings or encroach on the already limited space. Retaining panels were also incorporated, allowing the client to level the space, and increasing functionality of the outdoor living area. Garden beds were included around the perimeter.

The SlimWall fencing was finished with an Acratex texture, in the same grey shade as the exterior of the home, to provide a continuous architectural design as well as showcase the foliage of the garden beds. Though the trees on the neighbour’s property initially posed a challenge in terms of potential damage to the root systems, the modular fencing installation process allowed the installers to step the panels and avoid any harm.

Sarah Hoskin from Caledonian Landscapes specified the landscaping designs for the client.