The Department of Transport chose SlimWall acoustic wall to run along a new shared pathway constructed in Perth WA for pedestrians and cyclists. Built along the Safety Bay Road in Perth, the shared path features the visually appealing SlimWall to enhance user experience.

Shared pathways are increasingly being adopted in urban planning strategies to encourage walking and cycling among the city’s residents, helping reduce pollution while enhancing healthy living in an economical way.

However, many Australian cities haven’t been able to provide a supportive environment for cyclists and pedestrians. According to 2016 Census data, “across metropolitan areas, typically plagued by sprawl and segregated land uses, cars still dominate. Car-based commuting rates have decreased by only 1-2%. Public transport use also remains relatively low. Even in Sydney, it captures only about one-quarter of commute trips.”

AcoustiMax acoustic wall panels

Built utilising AcoustiMax panels, the SlimWall acoustic wall from Modular Walls runs for almost a kilometre along the newly constructed protected pathway. The wall, which is finished with a soft yet bright design, enhances the pedestrian and cyclist experience.

The proprietary AcoustiMax panel can achieve a Weighted Sound Reduction Index of up to 28, making it ideal for those seeking an effective, economical, aesthetically versatile noise barrier.

Key features include an EPS core with an external layer of fibre-reinforced cementitious sheets; lightweight and impact-resistant qualities with outstanding acoustic properties and a smooth designer finish; and a cementitious skin delivering an aesthetically superior exterior that can complement any architectural style.