Fencing company Select Fencing specialises in the installation of residential and rural fencing all over the Sydney area. Owner Josh Ferrif has been installing modular wall systems from Modular Walls since late 2014. In this article, Josh lends some insight into the business relationship and benefits of being a Trade Partner of Modular Walls.

Josh was introduced to Modular Walls products when he had a customer from Ropes Crossing requesting a quote for the SlimWall system to use for their corner-block boundary fencing. He likes the product for its quick installation, considers it one of the best overall fencing or wall systems around, and recommends it to his clients.

According to Josh, the walls provide a strong privacy or boundary fence, while adding a great feature to any home. He particularly likes the finished product and how good it looks. He believes the walls are a reasonably easy system to work with, once one is familiar with it. To his customers, he emphasises the many benefits of modular walls including the long-lasting appearance, added value to the home, excellent privacy, and noise reduction properties. His customers have received the modular walls very well.

Josh advises fellow tradespeople to consult with Modular Walls about using their products, pricing, installation and even new projects. He concludes that his business relationship with Modular Walls has definitely helped boost his business.