The developers of Cedar Heights, a brand new master planned community located in Redbank Plains, Queensland selected retaining walls from Modular Walls for their project.

Consisting of approximately 60 new homes, the development required a number of retaining walls installed throughout the site at various heights up to 1.8m, keeping in mind key considerations such as aesthetics, budget, timeline and environment-friendly practices.

Modular Walls’ TerraFirmX retaining wall was found to be the perfect fit for the development’s requirements. Capable of retaining up to a height of 3.0 metres, the TerraFirmX panels can withstand a load of 5 kPa active soil pressure and 10 kPa vertical surcharge. The retaining wall’s revolutionary composite strength was an attractive attribute in this application due to the community boundary bordering roads and driveways.

In addition to strength, TerraFirmX retaining walls also delivered the desired outcome from an aesthetic perspective with their sleek, fibre cement surface providing an architectural finish. The exposed surfaces could also be optionally painted or tiled to match the integral design of the development.

The lightweight nature of the composite panels and the modular nature of the wall reduced installation time by half while the pre-engineered designs made it simpler and quicker to attain construction approvals.

TerraFirmX retaining walls from Modular Walls deliver multiple advantages over concrete sleepers that are traditionally used in retaining wall applications. The embodied and emitted CO²/m² is up to 70-80% lower in TerraFirmX retaining walls, which is attributed to the manufacturing process adopted by Modular Walls. Additionally, the installation requires less machinery and the lightweight panels provide higher efficiency in transportation with the delivery trucks packed to volume, rather than weight.

The Cedar Heights client was thrilled by this reduced impact of TerraFirmX retaining walls on the environment, and the cost savings offered an exceptional bonus that can make all the difference in commercial developments.