A beautiful garden is not just about neat hedges, lush grassy lawns and flowering plants; it’s also about elements such as stone pathways, rock features, adaptable outdoor spaces and fencing. Especially fencing, which should complement the lovely garden and give the colourful outdoor space the perfect backdrop.

White magic

Take a solid white premium fence to make all the garden colours truly 'pop'. A white fence not only highlights green foliage and the colourful blooms, but also provides the perfect canvas to brighten up the outdoor space.

A stark contrast

A darker boundary wall works just as well in setting off the bright colours in the garden. It provides the perfect frame for showcasing the garden’s spectrum of colours as well as adds a modern vibe to the property.

Keep it natural

Alternatively, choose a premium fence painted in natural tones to complement the plants. The earthy colours of the fence blend beautifully with the natural surroundings while providing the perfect backdrop for the green shrubs and plants.

Be bold

If you’re looking to add more colour to your garden over and above your blooms, go for feature panels in fun and cheerful colours for your fencing. The bold colour scheme of this premium modular fence contrasts nicely with the natural effect of the green panel and climbing ivy.

Step it up

For garden spaces with slopes or levels, install SlimWall retaining walls to create a tiered effect. The dimensional look adds true personality to the outdoor space.

SlimWall, a premium fencing product from Modular Walls, can accommodate any finish or accessory, as well as incorporate retaining panels to create standalone or integrated retaining structures.