Modular Wall Systems  installed a customised acoustic solution at a development site to reduce the noise pollution problem caused by heavy machinery in the neighbourhood.

A client involved in the 10-year Barangaroo South development consulted Modular Wall Systems on a specific problem on their site. A pub across from the development saw its visitor numbers drop, particularly in its outdoor seating area due to noise pollution from heavy machinery usage at the site. The solution needed to be implemented within seven days. 

Modular Wall Systems decided to use their acoustic Jersey KerbWall solution to deal with the noise pollution problem at the development site. The KerbWall system integrates acoustic CorroLink panels with standard F-type or A-type kerbs, forming a robust acoustic and visual barrier of up to 3m high that needs no foundation and is quickly relocated. The pre-colour CorroLink acoustic panels offer a 25db+ reduction in audible noise. 

However, Modular Wall Systems could not use their regular KerbWalls since the concrete Jersey kerbs were already in place. A custom post mounting solution was designed to adapt to the existing kerbs and accept the acoustic CorroLink screening panels.  

The new post system was put through its paces over a two-day rigorous trial period with excellent results. Production models and jigs were then built to allow for fast production times and output to meet the tight time constraints on delivery schedules. 

The CorroLink panels were installed onto the existing kerbs, providing a quick and effective noise abatement solution to those affected by the development project. The entire project was completed within four days.