A noise barrier solution from Modular Walls is helping insulate the residents of the Queensland town of Cooroy from excessive noise caused by highway traffic.

A master-planned community, Cooroy is situated adjacent to the Bruce Highway – one of the busiest routes in the Sunshine State. The roadside location of the town necessitated the erection of a highly effective noise barrier in order to insulate residents of the development from the constant drone of the highway.

While serving as a strong buffer against the acoustic pollution, the wall also had to satisfy the requirements of a civil infrastructure wall as opposed to just a road or railway noise barrier. Installation posed a challenge given that the terrain of the development was not flat or level, and the noise barrier was situated on top of a sloping landscape mound.

The client chose GuardianWall in combination with EnduroMax panels to create a 287-metre noise barrier that fully satisfies civil infrastructure requirements and also protects residents from the acoustic pollution of the highway.

The GuardianWall consists of galvanised steel beams with a design life of 50-plus years.

Approved by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, EnduroMax panels are impact-resistant, enhancing the durability of the wall by enabling it to better withstand any bumps or flying debris. The lightweight and modular nature of the product allowed simple installation of the noise barrier, particularly given the variable terrain of the development, which meant that the height of the wall varied from 1.1 to 3.4 metres.