There are two ways to build a garden wall. You can build a traditional rendered brick wall or you can use a rendered finish modular garden wall. The difference between the two is but a matter of time.

To build a traditional garden wall, unless you are Jack-of-all-trades, a brick layer will usually need to be employed.

To start, a trench will need to be dug and a concrete strip footing needs to be laid. This is what the brick wall will sit on and, because of the weight of the bricks, a substantial strip footing is needed. Usually this will require digging machinery, which can damage the current garden design.

The strip footing will need to dry for several days before brick laying can commence. Any openings such as gates are marked and bricks are laid with the guide of a string line.

Rendering the wall can help create a visually pleasing effect.

The time it takes to build a garden wall in this manner can vary. Delivery of supplies could take up to eight weeks and construction of the wall itself could take from eight days to several weeks, depending on the walls’ specifications.

However, there is an easier, faster way. Modular garden walls are generally installed within days.

The lightweight modular panels have been designed with the DIY handyman in mind, taking away the need to hire a brick layer, the use of heavy machinery and strip footings.

A Modular Wall Systems ’ garden wall needs only basic installation tools and only uses four elements – wall posts, wall panels, wall capping and post capping.

To construct the garden wall, there are four easy steps:
• dig post holes to the recommended depth
• place posts into the holes and pour concrete
• drop wall panels into place and apply capping
• finish as desired – acrylic paint, texture paint, acrylic render finish or even stone cladding.

Modular Wall Systems’ garden walls can be finished with slat infills, gates, lighting, letterboxes and feature items. Taking landscaping projects from months, down to days.