Wall construction specialists, Modular Wall Systems , are able to supply commercial acoustic barrier wall systems up to 4.5m high.

Modular Wall Systems has been the company to go to for commercial noise abatement wall solutions for many years, and as the manufacturer the company are able to work with customers to tailor a solution to meet their exacting needs.

Commercial acoustic barrier wall systems provide privacy, security and noise insulation for any kind of commercial premises in an attractive, yet highly functional, way that will not blow the construction budget.

The panels used for these commercial acoustic barrier walls also have internal recesses to accommodate electrical cable for security camera's, lighting, and intercoms.

Key features of Modular Wall Systems' commercial acoustic barrier wall systems include:

  • proven acoustic performance as tested by the National Acoustic Laboratory
  • light weight construction
  • quick and easy installations with no need for large machinery or lifting equipment
  • highly cost effective thanks to speed of construction
  • installation in remote locations and difficult sites possible.
Modular Wall Systems commercial acoustic barrier wall systems are available with minimal lead time requirements and are finished with superior aesthetic quality with a similar appearance on the back and front.