Recently launched by Moddex Group , Safestop is the latest offering within its very successful range of modular handrails, balustrades, guardrails and barriers.

Safestop no-weld galvanised pedestrian safety barriers help to improve safety in designated clear zones in warehouses, distribution centres, plant and equipment storage retailers’ stock back rooms. They are also ideal for use on mining sites, work zones at airports and construction sites and reduce hazards in walkways. These modular railing systems comply with AS1657 load requirements.

Safestop barrier systems are available in powder coated safety yellow in ready-to-install kits. The modular galvanised tubular sections are constructed of structural steel, powder coated in safety yellow (Y14) and offer a robust construction with low maintenance. SS locking screws are used for assembly of the barriers.

Safestop barrier systems are easily and rapidly installed and will help to prevent material spillages onto walkways, zone off cluttered operation zones and safeguard unprotected work environments for employees.

Safestop meets all OHS and Australian Standards requirements to protect employees from hazardous areas.